Vidyasthali a institution for complete teacher education, has a framework with not only academic activities but also cultural and co-curricular activities to enhance student learning and all round development of the students. Every year the institution organizes various/camps and programmes for personality development and development of communication skills. 25 students from each house are selected to participate. Scholars who are experts in different fields are invited to facilitate positive development among students. These programmes help the student to step out in the real professional world with a more confident mental and physical personality and can stand in today's competitive world.
These efforts also include creative development of the students. For which many creative activities are organized through out the year which includes cultural activities like dancing, singing competitions, Mehandi competitions etc. 'Indra Dhanush' in 2008 and 'Virasat 2010',virast "2011-12","12-13" were organized to bring out the inner qualities of students by giving even chances to every student to participate. These were inter College and intra college activities which gave our students a chance to compete not only with fellow students but also with students of different colleges. Various competitions were organized and guest from other colleges were invited to judge these activities for fair and trans-parent judgement. Our students came out as winners in every activity. To motivate students for better participation and performance in these programmes, students are given certificates and prizes. This motivate our students to participate in other inter college competitions and it can be proudly stated that we won prizes in almost every college.